La Greppa tea menu in Bonneval-Sur-Arc

Dropping in to La Greppa Tea Room & Bar you are sure to find a large selection of hot and cold drinks to choose from.


A variety of hot drinks:

Dammann Frères® Teas

  • Classical Teas
  • Ceylon tea,
  • Caramel tea,
  • Four red fruit tea,
  • Linden tea,
  • Etc.

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Tea culture and more. From tasting to harvesting, drying, selection and transformation, the (herbal) teas on offer at La Greppa belong to that delicate group of products for whom each stage is essential in order to guarantee exceptional quality.

Other hot drinks:

  • Coffee,
  • Mulled wine,
  • Chocolate,
  • Etc.

A variety of cold drinks:

Refreshing drinks:

  • Beers from Savoie and elsewhere,
  • Savoie wines,
  • Fruit juices,
  • Etc.

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