Tea Room - Bar:

A peacful and hospitable place:

"La Greppa" Tea Room & Bar are tastefully decorated and cosy spot. A peaceful and hospitable place to stop off and un-wind:

Built with respect for tradition:

The Chalet was rebuilt in the traditional manner using original materials:

  • Rough stone for the walls,
  • The famous " Lauzes " (stone tiles) for the roof.

Local craftsmen, stone cutters roof tilers and cabinet makers have given the Chalet it's unique look, harmoniously combining the rustic with the delicate. Thanks to their exceptional work, the Tea Room are of as genuine a character as that of their hosts.

The finishing touches in wood panelling bring out the finesse of the Tea Room and blend in seamlessly with it's rustic interior.

La Greppa Tea Room - Bar Bonneval-Sur-Arc virtualtour 360°

La Duys guest room in Bonneval-Sur-Arc : 360° tour.