La Lenta guest room


Finely decorated room

This beautiful bedroom, finely cut in ancient larch has purposely been kept simple and uncluttered in order to ensure a genuine and rustic charm while guaranteeing modern comfort.

Walk-in shower

Although smaller than the other bedroom, the walk-in shower remains equally attractive. To step inside, simply click on the door on your right in the animation.


  • 64 € per night, for one person (breakfast included),
  • 74 € per night, for two people (breakfasts included),
  • As of the 4th night, benefit from a 10% reduction on the total value of your stay (outside school holidays).

If you like this room and would like to make a reservation,
you can:

  • Contact us directly by telephone or mail,
  • Make a reservation by filling in the form located in the top right had corner of this page.

See you soon!

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La Lenta guest room in Bonneval-Sur-Arc : 360° tour.

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